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Work Title



Built area



Designed by

Palmach St., Ashkelon

8500 sqm

undergoing municipal approval process

Arch. Yaron Israel, Arch. Muayyad Khatib, Arch. Fabio Vital

The presented mapping of the center of Madrid, Spain, defines a series of transitions between spacial situations.

The mapping has become a spatial program that determines, alongside the demands of the client, the master-plan and the limitations of the lot, the way the building functions in the relations between private and public an between opened and closed.

The buildings facade has been designed with repetitive elements which include uni-size concrete framed glass windows. The concrete frames shade the windows and create a unifies pattern to the building.

The existing sequence marked on the map of central Ashkelon alongside combined and pedestrian streets.

Parts 1-3 of the spatial sequence occur outside the project in the transition from a busy traffic street to a pedestrian commercial street and to an alley leading to the project's lot.The continuation of the sequence in to the project.

Parts 4-8 are planned within the project in the covered entrance to an open air court, from there to a covered entrance to the building and upwards to the building where a gap has been opened to expose a view between it's two wings.

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