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Carmel Market, Tel Aviv

Research/ Mapping process

Arch. Yaron Israel, Arch. Bar Sisso, Arch. Uzi Rabia

Our office is located at the entrance of the Carmel Market, the municipal market of Tel Aviv and possibly of the state. In the period before Covid-19, thousands of visitors passed through the market every day, from local residents of the surrounding neighborhood to groups of tourists all over the world.

As residents of the neighborhood we use and live the market every day.
As architects we are interested in an understanding of the cultural and useful infrastructural system of the environment in which we live.

Therefore we decided to conduct a comprehensive mapping of the market.
The market is characterized by several areas with different character and also forms a border and connection between several different areas in the city - Nahalat Binyamin which is a wide commercial pedestrian street with an elegant character, the Yemenite vineyard characterized by dense construction and narrow streets with a more intimate atmosphere. Allenby Street and Magen David Junction as a formal and significant urban center in the city and the open Carmelite areas as technical transportation spaces connected to the open areas of the Kovshim Garden.
In doing so, the market is also part of each of these areas, both a boundary between them and a significant unit of essence in itself.

The mapping shows how each of these roles is reflected in the physical and architectural characteristics of the market and its environment with the intention of understanding an internal system of terms and concepts that can be used to understand the current situation and future planning of the market and environment as well as complex urban markets and systems.

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