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Built area



Designed by

Shapira St., Ashkelon

432 housing units, 31800 sqm

undergoing municipal approval process

Arch. Yaron Israel, Arch. Ido Tsarfati

The entrepreneur, in collaboration with the Municipality of Ashkelon ,demanded a design to the urban renewal of a neglected area. Built in the 1960 's at the south of Ashkelon, The area includes 12 buildings. The design aims towards densification while maintaining the existing open views to the sky and the open air. Another goal was to create an urban connection between the designed buildings, the nearby neighborhood of private homes, through the public synagogue and a grocery store nearby as a potential point of connection.

the additional floors added are designed as 2 wings with a gap between them. this allows light to reach the street, and air to circulate more freely around all apartments. The also allows each apartment to have a view west towards the sea.

The design produces a large variety of types and sizes of apartments to contribute to the formation of a diverse community that includes populations of different ages, different situations and different economic capabilities.

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