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Work Title



Built area



Designed by

Xai-Xai, Mozambique

1050 sqm

Architectural competition entry

Arch. Yaron Israel, Arch. Uzi Rabia, Arch. Bar Sisso, Arch. Fabio Vital

In the heart of nature in Mozambique, a building is planned that includes 6 kindergarten classrooms and common living and activity spaces. The lot is detached from any urban environment and is located just next to a simple car access path.
The design is based on existing principles, including the use of local materials, energy savings, rainwater storage and natural ventilation. Also the design meets the need for a simple construction process.

The building delimits an inner courtyard to create a comfortable microclimate for outdoor activities.
Around the inner courtyard, the movement of children and teachers takes place on a ramp that allows mobility for all users and preserves the existing ground route in order to prevent the need for excavation or filling.

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