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Built area



Designed by

South Africa Blvd., Ashkelon

Commerce - 2400 sqm
Office - 1300 sqm
Residential - 286 housing units, 30000 sqm

In planning

Arch. Yaron Israel, Arch. Uzi Rabia, Arch. Bar Sisso

The site is located at a central intersection in an old residential neighborhood in the city that is characterized by green areas and low density, low-rise housing and small local shopping centers.
As part of an urban renewal initiative, an area was taken that includes a railway building, a small green public space, public parking and a one-story commercial building.
The proposed design combines and expands the green areas, commercial areas and residential areas while creating additional public spaces of an urban nature and adding a function of office space.

The planning could be integrated into the future development of denser residential construction along the main street while creating a sequence of public areas combined with green areas in accordance with the nature of the existing neighborhood

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