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Built area



Designed by

Barne'a Neighborhood, Ashkelon

16 housing units, 1600 sqm

undergoing municipal approval process

Arch. Yaron Israel, Arch. Bar Sisso, Arch. Uzi Rabia

The building is planned in a northern residential neighborhood near the sea in Ashkelon. The neighborhood is characterized by private villas and a large number of green areas. The plot is at the end of a green garden that extends to the beach. On the other side of the lot is a round square surrounded by 3-4 storey buildings.

The design is characterized by a straight and subdued facade towards the square and a layered and open façade towards the garden and the sea. The common spaces in the building surround an inner courtyard open to the sky. The building has apartments in different areas and all have wide balconies overlooking the sea.

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