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Work Title



Built area



Designed by

Be'er Tuvya

1600 sqm

Mapping and Planning process

Arch. Yaron Israel, Arch. Muayyad Khatib, Arch. Uzi Rabia

The project is an extension of an existing high-school - created by adding a light structured second floor to an existing single floor structure located next to the 2 floor main structure of the school.

When we thought of designing a school we became interested in that it is a place where to groups interact - teachers and students. this interaction is the basis for most of the formal and informal functionality of the school. As a representation of this interaction we've decided to reference the movie "The breakfast club" and from it the scene in which the principal and the students run around the school as they search\avoid each other.

The presented mapping of the scene shows the space in which the interaction takes place, as it is expressed through cinematic means. In the map the size and the positioning of the images one in regards to the next refers to the angle and direction of the camera and the proximity of the camera to the subject in the scene. The combination of the space presented in frame of the scene and the way it connects to the space in the following scene has lead to a physical 3D model map.

The mapping has become a spacial program that determent, alongside the demands of the client, the master-plan and the limitations of the lot, the design of the building, the way movement through it functions and the designed views between its different parts and between inside and outside.

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