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Built area



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9000 sqm

Architectural competition entry

Arch. Yaron Israel, Arch. Uzi Rabia, Arch. Bar Sisso

Planning of the Academy building for the Hebrew language was done in a process of mapping and getting to know the environment surrounding the designated area. Familiarity with the Minve site included a trip and a walking tour of the site and its surroundings, during which three main reference points were recorded that outlined the main points of the planning:

1. The renewed Ruppin Road produces a sense of formality and splendor: a wide and straight street with a fixed and symmetrical vegetation rhythm. On one side are large, terraced facades and on the other a grove of tall trees.
2. Ruppin Garden offers a romantic atmosphere reflected in winding paths, filtered beams of light that penetrate through the tall trees, vegetation that allows hiding places and gathering points of various sizes.
3. The edge of the field is bordered by a wild forestation, which creates an isolated atmosphere. The thicket is characterized by detachment from defined walking paths and just a few pedestrians. You can look out over the Valley of the Museums, in the direction of the Hebrew University.

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