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Work Title



Built area



Designed by

Laveno- Mombello, Italy

30000 sqm

Architectural competition entry

Arch. Yaron Israel, Arch. Muayyad Khatib, Arch. Hannah Kopeliovitch, Arch. Fabio Vital

The aim of the competition was to design a center for kids in an abandoned ceramic factory in the town of Laveno mombello, Italy.
The town is an historical center for the ceramic industry and lies to the shore of Laggo Maggiore and to the foot of Sasso del Ferro .
Before starting the design we were given background and functions to include in the design, one of the keys for achieving a successful design was said to be "understanding a kids perception of place".
As a conceptual background we relayed on a research by prof. Ismail Sa'id, which found that a child's perception of place relies on its physical, social and cognitive interpretation of the experience.
This led us to look for a kids' experience, we decided to take 2 different kinds of experiences.

we used clips of an urban and a nature experience from a kids pov
we analysed them and mapped how the three aspects : the physical, the social and the cognitive are expressed by the child, throughout the experience. We used the analysis to construct a map of a series of situations.
the map became a tool for design - we translated the different qualities we mapped to adjacent architectural qualities. doing so in a different translation to each experience, resulting in 2 systems of design which were then incorporated into the design of an enriched dual experience.

System 1:
Translates the map into architectural qualities in such a way that:
Speed ​​= width
Search = Visible wall openings
Sound = change in wall material
Interaction = access to the adjacent space
Noise = height of space
Focus = opening in the ceiling
From System 1 we created a Model A for constructing a spatial sequence
Model A led to the design of the ground floor.

System 2:
Translates the map into architectural qualities so that:
Speed ​​= surface without stairs
Search = Lowered walls
Sound = openings in the space below
Interaction = exiting space
Noise = depth of the surrounding floor
Focus = the number of points of attraction from which we created Model B for constructing a spatial sequence.
Model B led to the design of the mezzanine floor.

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