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Built area



Designed by

Katsanelson St,, Ashkelon

5 buildings, 280 Housing Units

In planning

Arch. Yaron Israel, Arch. Uzi Rabia, Arch. Bar Sisso

The building is situated at the entrance junction to the Migdal neighborhood in Ashkelon, the city's oldest Urban-Commercial area.
The building is a corner building with a continuous facade of commerce on the ground floor, and then residential floors for the upper ones.
As part of the analysis of the plot and coordination with the local authority, a number of alternatives for the development of the entire complex were presented.
The building’s location within the boundaries of the complex is on the busiest facade.

The building is designed with a uniform system for a double facade that allows for aesthetic uniformity while creating a medium for protecting the interior of the apartments from overexposure to the street both in terms of visibility and noise.
This allows for a pleasant and comfortable quality of living in the heart of a busy commercial area.

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