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Work Title



Built area



Designed by

Bat Galim St., Ashkelon

3500 sqm

undergoing municipal approval process

Arch. Yaron Israel, Arch. Uzi Rabia

An urban project in the Ashkelon Marina that includes the construction of new buildings, additions to existing buildings, renovation of existing buildings and a retroactive approval process for commercial and catering buildings.
1. New arrangement is required for the dry docking area, car parking area, removal of temporary structures used for the restaurants and the Nautical school.
2. It is necessary to regulate the public space, remove temporary buildings, and to create a design uniformity for the marina as a recreation complex for the benefit of the public.
3. Establishment of a new structure for the nautical police and an addition to the office building for Ashkelon’s economic company, thus evacuating some of the temporary structures and producing a significant public structure that emphasizes the public character of the marina.

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