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Work Title



Built area



Designed by

Brooklyn, New York

2500 sqm

Architectural competition entry

Arch. Yaron Israel, Arch. Yehuda Cohen

The project was a proposal for the lavender lake art factory competition, initiated by Suckerpunch daily online magazine. The proposal was deigned along with architect Yehuda Cohen and reached the competitions top 20.

The lot is located at Brooklyn, New York. Between an industrial water canal, and Smith Street, which is relatively dormant at this area. Above the street runs an elevated part of the NY subway. The project bridges the different "gaps" in the area by connecting the industrial and the residential areas.

Half of the lot is flooded with canal water, bringing it to the street at the lots corner. A wide public square lies between the structures sides.

Behind the building a green park faces the canal. The building’s "industrial part" – the artist workshops- is sunk under water, and connects through a gallery and a café to the two risen sides of the building. These sides contain the artists' residence, divided into the unique "art factory units". A continuation of Bond Street creates A connection over the canal and a water purifying damn under it ,with an ecological control center next to it.

The project creates a monumental public space, which redefines the area by bridging between the industrial and the residential, between the private and the public and between the water and the city.

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