In the design process, we, the architects, are required to make many decisions. Aside from decisions deriving from properties of the lot, rules and regulations, many decisions can be random or even arbitrary. Therefore we aspire to use a well defined design process. A design process that defines a connection between our initial points of interest in the project, to its final design gives a consistent leading line for the decisions we make

This design process is done through mapping. We select an image that we believe represents an interesting topic, relevant to the project. The image can be a film, a text, a painting etc.  We then map different architectural qualities of the image as they are expressed in it.

For example a design that expresses a concept of 'change' in the Lod kindergarten, is represented by the scene of the transition from the real world to wonderland in 'Alice in Wonderland'. for further information.

the process of mapping leads to a more complex and meaningful design and establishes the connection between the initial interest to the final design