Lod, Residential area



Location I Lod residential neighborhood

Area I 400 sqm

Status I undergoing municipal approval process

Designed by I Arch. Yaron Israel, Arch. Bar Sisso

3 kindergarten classrooms are designed in the heart of a residential neighborhood in the city of Lod.

When we discussed how to design the kindergarten, we considered the most interesting event to be the process of change the child goes through every day as he comes from his home, from his family environment with his parents, reaches the kindergarten where he is handed over to the kindergarten teacher and then enter an environment full of children and play.

As an event we agreed that represents this concept of 'change' we've chosen the scene from Tim Burton's 'Alice in wonderland' in which Alice chases the rabbit and falls into the rabbit hole.

the use of film as a place to represent a place is interesting because it includes properties of space, events in that space and the temporality of the event. in the beginning of the scene Alice is in the real world where she chases the rabbit, reaches the rabbit hole, falls in to it and finally reaches wonderland.

We thought the scene expressed the process of change very clearly and so decided to map the way the place has been presented using cinematic tools. we mapped the location of the camera between shots, the movement of the camera, and the space seen in each shot within the boundaries of the frame.

The result is a 3-D mapping model. The model has become a spatial program the defines the design of the building, its circulation, and the the views designed between it's different parts and between its interior and exterior. This, together with the demands of the client, the local regulations and the limitations of the lot.



The Design Process

'Into the rabbit hole' scene from Tim Burton's 'Alice in Wonderland'. chosen as a representation of the concept of change.

The scene presented in a series of shots

An example of a shot analysis - separating the visible surfaces to their relative depth. this defines the space visible between the camera and the object or the horizon. 

connecting the analysis of the different shots is defined by the relative location of the camera between one shot and the next. the combination of the analysis from all the shots in a segment from the scene defines the entire space visible in it, and the different points of view from which it is seen.

General mapping the entire scene
Mapping the chase after the rabbit
Map of Alice at the edge of the hole
Mapping the fall down

The series of mapping models

Application in the design -

1. chasing the rabbit - a linear access path, accessible from both of its directions and includes views from its side

2. reaching the rabbit hole - the entrance to the kindergarten has views from different directions from the classes and from outside

3. in the rabbit hole - each one of the classrooms is made of a series of spaces arranged in a linear way. the main space of the classroom overviews them but also has views above them and to their side