Office approach| the design process of any project includes a detailed examination of its urban , programmatic, cultural and climatic context. This examination is conducted through interaction with the site and recognizing its unique physical features and how people reflect its living culture.
The office implements a unique design process meant to enrich and develop the design and the discussion about it through mapping desired values.
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Architect Yaron israel finished his bachelor's degree in architecture at the University of Tel Aviv in 2008. After gaining professional experience, he continued for graduate studies in architecture at the Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands, between the years 2010-2012. He graduated in the Border Conditions research group. Therein he engaged in mapping the spatial phenomena  of extreme situations in order to interpret architectural concepts.


Since graduation Yaron Israel has worked in several well known architecture firms in Israel. During that time he has accumulated extensive experience in the design of public and culture buildings and in particular the design of schools. While the majority of these projects have been located in Israel, experience has also been gained in designing projects located in Eastern Europe, Africa and West Asia.


Since graduating Yaron Israel Has been  an integral part of the planning firm Si-Hadash LTD. There he has gained extensive experience in private construction, including residential, commercial, industrial and office projects. These projects range in scale from the design of a single residential unit to the design of factories and residential buildings in a gross area of ​​thousands of square meters. Work has varied from detailed building design to extensive town planning schemes.


In 2015 Yaron Israel opened his office in Tel Aviv. The office is located in the center of Tel Aviv, near the Carmel Market.